Private Clients

Peregrine & Black FX delivers fast and secure international currency transfers with clear and transparent rates wherever in the world you need to send it. Our principle focus is to provide high-net-worth individuals with a tailored and personal approach to currency solutions. We work with our clients to manage their foreign exchange exposure and optimise their transactions.

Our bespoke service not only provides you with market leading exchange rates, but also provides you with total security of your funds through the use of segregated accounts.


Buying Selling

If you are buying or selling foreign property, emigrating permanently or need to make a one-off payment, we will help you manage the risk of buying foreign currency so you can make the most of your money. If you are planning to live abroad it is not just a property purchase we can assist you with. If you have an income stream from the UK that you require to be remitted to your foreign bank, for example a periodic pension payment, we can organise this for you using our regular payments service.

Of course, you will still receive clear and competitive rates of exchange on every one of your payments through us.

You can also fix a rate today for any date from one week up to three years in the future. You might need to pay a deposit and pay the balance a day before the pre-agreed future date.

This can be ideal if you have to pay the balance on a foreign property in three months’ time and you want to know exactly how much your property will cost in pounds sterling.